Automotive Locksmith Services

There is nothing as stressful as getting locked out of your car, but staying calm is very important as you can damage your car by using improper methods to open it. Rapid Locksmith LLC is an automotive locksmith that serves motorists in Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC

Rapid Locksmith LLC has a vast experience in the field of automotive locksmith services particularly in the areas of car key repairs, car keys replacement, making car keys, car unlock, and a number of emergency services as well as other services by appointment.

Car UnlockingĀ 

There is a wide array of equipment that Rapid Locksmith LLC use when unlocking a vehicle that has the keys broken in a lock, locked inside it, or just lost. In addition to that, Rapid Locksmith also makes the remotes for car keys, trunk keys, and has a special team of professionals who will help to unlock your trunk. There are several reasons that can cause your car keys to be locked in the trunk. No matter what kind of reason it might be, the experienced auto locksmith services at our company will get your keys out, and give you an opportunity to get back on the road. This can be done regardless of the model of automobile you have or the kind of security that it uses. The trunk of your motor vehicle does not stand any chance with the professional automotive locksmith services from Rapid Locksmith LLC. In most instances, a set of car keys that has unfortunately been locked in the trunk has no major difference from a normal car lockout. The manual trunk release can be used, but if the care has several deadlock features that cannot allow such an entry, then other techniques will be applied. The technicians at Rapid Locksmith LLC have the knowledge and skills to get into any kind of automobile, and so there is no need to fret.

Making Car Keys

Vehicles that cannot be opened using any means will probably need another key to be made. The technicians at Rapid Locksmith LLC can perform this even if there is no any extra key. It is normally done using a method known as code machine. The code machine makes it possible for a replacement key to be cut using a code, and this can also help if you have lost your car keys and had no duplicate. The key making services provided by Rapid Locksmith LLC is a perfect means of getting secured against a number of lockouts. The process of making a key to unlock your car will range in the time required and based on how complicated the key is.

Key Cutting Services

Rapid Locksmith LLC also uses a number of specialized tools and machines to cut car keys. The metal cutting tools are used to grind away the mechanical key’s softer metal. The average car key is usually made from brass, which is mostly used because of its machinability. In addition to car key cutting services, there is also another specific type of key cutting known as duplicate car keys services provided by this company. It is done using a key duplicator. A key duplicate, in most cases, may have a particular amount of automation, but it will require a key to examine so that it can cut its copy. The duplicate process cannot be used when there is no key to be examined by the machine. But another process will be initiated to create for you a new spare.

Other Locksmith Services

Other services that are provided by Rapid Locksmith LLC are ignition switch replacement, car key extraction, transponder key programming, and key fob replacement among others.

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